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Prayer for Renewal


God has used liturgical prayers throughout my Christian life, but recently, they have been especially helpful to guiding my prayers and thoughts throughout the day. The below prayer has been a sweet cry of my heart the last few months, and I felt led to share it with you, my friends. Because this particular prayer has brought such renewal of joy and hope to me, it is framed on a wall in my house where I can read and whisper it to the Lord every day.... sometimes many times a day.

In sharing this prayer, my hopes are that it would bless you in some way and encourage you towards renewal, too! Thank you for being apart of this month's walking in renewal. Join me next month for "She Walks in Confidence."


A Liturgical Prayer for Renewal *

Meet me, O Christ,

in this stillness of morning.

Move me, O Spirit,

to quiet my heart.

Mend me, O Father,

from yesterday's harms.

From the discords of yesterday,

resurrect my peace.

From the disappointments of yesterday,

resurrect my hope.

From the weariness of yesterday,

resurrect my strength.

From the doubts of yesterday,

resurrect my faith.

From the wounds of yesterday,

resurrect my love.

Let me enter this new day,

aware of my need,

and awake to your grace,

O Lord. Amen

Douglas McKelvey, Every Moment Holy, 2017, Rabbit Room Press, Nashville, TN pg.135 *Ritual of Morning Coffee (original title)

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