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It's nice to meet you!

          With being raised in a pastor's home, there was never a time that        

I remember of not attending church or hearing about the Gospel.            Because of this upbringing, I became a child of God at an early age by accepting Jesus as my Savior in July of 1990. Jesus is and always will be my best friend. Every day grows sweeter and every moment becomes more joy-filled as I deepen my knowledge of Him and realize His presence is real and eternal. 


I married my husband, Ryan, in June of 2003. It has been 17 years of "amazing" with him. He's my person. :) We have experienced sorrow and joy, love and struggle, failure and victory, but Jesus has made all of the difference. 

We have been blessed with two fantastic children, Danielle (15) and Blake (7), who inspire me each day to seek the Lord's wisdom and grace. They bring laughter, challenge, comfort and daily snuggles to our home. Our Frenchie, Bronx, was added to our home last September(20). He's a lovable and adorable addition to our family. 


Growing up in Southern California gave me the love and appreciation for this state's diverse people, cultures, and beauty. When God led my husband and me to Redwood City , CA and to pastor Redwood Baptist Church in 2010, it was with great joy that we accepted the calling. These years of ministering in Redwood City have been overflowing with God's goodness and grace.   

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